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Advantages of Microchemistry
A microfluidic chip is about half palm-sized, and within such limited space tens or hundreds of micro-channels or chambers are patterned to enable the desired chemical reaction, such as mixing, sorting, detecting to take place.

As chemical features are efficiently incorporated into the half-palm-sized chip, energy, resource and time is significantly saved compared to conventional labs or factories. IMT TAIWAN’s Microfluidic technology help you achieve SDGs goals!
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IMT Taiwan is established in June 2021 by Professor Takehiko Kitamori, the world-renowned expert in the field of microfluidics. The company's technical collaborating partners include the top universities such as the University of Tokyo, National Tsinghua University, and Lund University.

Current microfluidics are mainly used in accurate and rapid biochemical analysis. IMT TAIWAN aims to push the boundaries by integrating the microfluidics system for biological and chemical synthesis, where precision and consistency is demanded. In addition, this novel system is up to 90% space-saving compared to conventional facilities, and help reduce industrial accidents.

The applications of microfluidics range from semiconductor fluid detection, biochemical analysis, environmental analysis, chemical synthesis, to drug manufacturing, and are expected to usher in the biochemical synthesis revolution.
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